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Why may I need WeVegan Multivitamin, even if I have a healthy, balanced vegan diet?

It is true that all the essential vitamins and minerals can be found in vegan products. The problem is that some nutrients, like iron or vitamin B12, are most abundant in animal products. For example, daily Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of vitamin B12 can be obtained from 96g of beef (240kcal), or 119g of fortified cereals (427kcal). In addition, this amount of cereals (which are one of the most B12-rich vegan sources) will provide 14g of sugar (zero grams in beef), and less than half of the proteins contained in beef. This example illustrates why in practice assuring healthy and balanced diet rich in all of the essential nutrients may be tricky.

When is it recommended to take WeVegan Multivitamin?

WeVegan Multivitamin is recommended for adults of all age, both males and females, in order to supplement a regular daily diet and to assure that it does not lack any of the essential nutrients. WeVegan Multivitamin is ideal for vegans and people with a reduced amount of animal products in their diet, as it focusses specifically on filling possible nutrition gaps in such diets.

Will WeVegan Multivitamin work well for people who eat meat?

Yes, the nutrients of WeVegan Multivitamin are essential for every human body regardless of the diet. Although some of the nutrients may be easier obtained from diet including meat, it does not mean that people eating meat could not have any nutrition defficiencies. WeVegan Multivitamin is an easy one-per-day capsule giving a peace of mind that all essential nutrients are provided to your body, sourced from high quality ingredients.

Is WeVegan Multivitamin easy to swallow?

Yes, most of the people do not have any problems to swallow our capsules. If you generally have problems with swallowing medicines, we recommend trying to take it with a bit of water. We do not recommend taking any other liquid (e.g. juice, tea, coffee etc) at the same time when you take WeVegan Multivitamin, because they may negatively affect absorption of the multivitamin.

Why do some of the vitamins and minerals in WeVegan Multivitamin exceed 100% of NRV?

The formula of WeVegan Multivitamin has been developed by experienced nutritionists. Even though we used only high quality ingredients that provide effective absorbtion, some of the nutrients such as Vitamin B2 are not easily absorbed. Consequently, people can (and should) eat amounts of Vitamin B2 significantly exceeding 100% of NRV, as not all of it will stay in their bodies.

Why does WeVegan Multivitamin contain amino acids?

Amino acids are required for the synthesis of body protein, and are involved in normal digestion, growth and development as well as providing body energy. WeVegan Multivitamin is a unique vegan multivitamin containing amino-acids, which may be less present in plant-based diet.

Why does WeVegan Multivitamin contain black pepper?

A number of studies found that black pepper increases absorption of other nutrients. We add it to WeVegan Multivitamin to make sure that you benefit from its formula as much as possible

What does it mean that WeVegan Multivitamin is registered by The Vegan Society?

The Vegan Society is the oldest and most trusted vegan society in the world. In order to be registered by The Vegan Society, a product must pass numerous checks to assure that it meets the highest vegan standards, such as being free from animal ingredients, not being tested on animals and not containing any GMO.

Why is WeVegan Multivitamin in the form of capsules?

The cellulose capsules of WeVegan Multivitamin are plant-based and in contrary to other common forms such as tablets, they allow to eliminate use of any artificial fillers, sugar or other artificial substances other than pure vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed in your body.

Was WeVegan Multivitamin tested on animals?


What does it mean that the packaging is oxo-degradable?

Our packaging is oxo-degradable, because it breaks down in the presence of oxygen, in the process significantly faster than e.g. conventional plastic packaging. All it needs is heat and/or light available in landfills, so you can dispose of it in a normal rubbish bin.